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Wonderware System Platform 2014 R2

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Wonderware® System Platform 2014 R2 with InTouch®2014 R2 is an industrial software platform that uses Wonderware ArchestrA technology for Supervisory HMI, SCADA, and Production and Performance Management. Wonderware System Platform contains an integrated set of services and an extensible data model to manage plant control and information management systems. Wonderware System Platform supports both the supervisory control layer and the manufacturing execution system (MES) layer, presenting them as a single information source. Modular applications sit on top of the Wonderware System Platform. Wonderware and other third-party integrators are delivering a growing inventory of application components that use Wonderware System Platform.

Wonderware® System Platform 2014 R2, which includes the following products:

  • Wonderware InTouch HMI 2014 R2 (v11.1)
  • Wonderware Application Server 2014 R2 (v4.1)
  • Wonderware Historian Server 2014 R2 (v11.6)
  • Wonderware Historian Client 2014 R2 (v10.6)
  • Wonderware Information Server 2014 R2 (v5.6)

System Minimum Requirements

Windows 7 (64-bit) , Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit)

CPU :  2.00 GHz

RAM : 4 GB

DISK :  8Gb free




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