What are industrial automation software?

They are software used by programmers and engineers, who are dedicated to programming, commissioning and start-up of industrial machines and equipment

Are all software complete?

Yes, all of our software is in its complete version and without usage limits. Read the complete software description before purchase.

How can I install and activate the software?

All software is easy to install and ships with a software activation tutorial.

But if there are any questions, please contact our technical support by email info@industrialsoftware.store or by whatsapp number +553197201277

Do the licenses provided expire or are they for trial use?

No. All licenses provided are for permanent activation, never expiring.

Can I install on more than one computer?

Yes, you can install as many computers as you want, as long as you follow the activation procedures.

How can I tell if my computer supports the software?

Check the software description in which it tells you what hardware and version of windows you need for the software to work correctly.

Can I order any other software that is not in the catalog?

Yes, contact our technical support in the contacts by email info@industrialsoftware.store or by whatsapp number +553197201277, and let us know what software you want. The price will be informed in your contact.