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Siemens SinuTrain SINUMERIK Operate V4.4 ED.2

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Siemens SinuTrain SINUMERIK Operate

The main objective of SinuTrain software is to effectively train qualified technologists, programmers and operators to work on modern machines (turning, milling, machining centers, etc.) with minimal costs. SinuTrain is built on the basis of the SINUMERIK standard CNC system, which allows you to unify the training process, bringing it as close as possible to real machine equipment.
In addition to learning programming in ISO-7bit codes. SinuTrain provides the ability to learn programming in popular shop floor programming packages such as ShopMill and ShopTurn.


  • CNC programming on PC and CNC - same operation and programming
  • Job preparation, even while the machine is cutting: test, run and simulate NC programs on the PC - less time stress at the machine.
  • CNC training and instruction with exactly the same programming and user interface as the machine - without waiting to "finally get to the point", without the risk of breaking something - and with the possibility of preparing and finishing the work at home or on the move.

    The advantage for workshop operators: More cutting time, less risks!
    With SinuTrain, a PC is enough for part programming, NC program testing, CNC training and employee training. Meanwhile, the machine can process parts. And every collision risk detected and eliminated in the SinuTrain simulation prevents damage.

System minimum requirements

Windows 7, Windows 10 

CPU :  2.0 GHz

RAM : 8 GB

DISK :  8Gb free


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