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Schneider Master Virtual Machine

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 What is a virtual machine?


A virtual machine is computer environment software in which an operating system or program can be installed and run. In a more simplified way, we can say that the virtual machine works as a “computer inside the computer”. But how can this be done?


Nowadays, creating a virtual machine is very simple: just install a specific program inside your computer like any other. It is within this program that you will create a virtual hard disk and will be able to run an entire operating system from it.


Virtual machines are extremely useful in everyday life, as they allow the user to run other operating systems within a window, having access to all the software they need.

However, as it will work with two operating systems at the same time, it is necessary that your PC supports this requirement for better performance.

Includes softwares list:


Virtual Machine System: VMWARE V16

Softwares included:

Machine Expert Basic V1.2


Modicon Easy M100

Modicon Easy M200

Modcon M221

EcoStruxure Machine Expert V1.2.10:

EcoStruxure Machine Expert (formerly known as SoMachine and SoMachine Motion) is Schneider Electric's unique and collaborative software, which reduces engineering time through its intuitive programming in conjunction with one of the most modern and powerful software concepts on the market.

Facts about EcoStruxure Machine Expert

• New Machine Expert Installer to install the complete software the web, local folder or physical media

• Improved collaborative engineering & versioning of the project (SVN)

• Cloud based Machine Advisor Code Analysis

• Multiple library support including: MQTT, JSON, HTTP(s), TCP/UDP

• Device integration with the new logic & motion controller range Modicon M262

• Device integration with the new TM3 Bus coupler EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP

• Device integration with the new TM5 Bus coupler EtherNet/IP

• Device integration with the new TeSys island

• Safe logic controller with distributed safe TM5 & TM7 I/O for M262 and PacDrive





EcoStruxure Control Expert V14.1:

EcoStruxure Control Expert (formerly Unity Pro) is a unique software platform to increase design productivity and performance of your Modicon M340, M580 and M580 Safety, Momentum, Premium, Quantum applications.

Facts about EcoStruxure Control Expert

• 5 IEC61131-3 languages + Legacy LL984

• FDT / DTM standard for EcoStruxure Field Device integration

• Cybersecurity and traceability

• Change Configuration on the Fly (CCOTF)

• Standard objects and libraries

• Customizable integrated Function Block Library (DFB)

• PLC simulator on PC, built-in test and diagnostic

• Animation tables, operator screens and trending tool

• Integrated conversion tools from Concept, ProWORX, PL7 Pro


Modicon M340

Modicon M580

Modicon M580 Safety




EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert V3.1

EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert™ (formerly known as Vijeo XD) is a touchscreen configuration software with the latest UI design and gestures, enabling you to create and edit application screens for Magelis HMIs and iPCs.

Common Features

  • Variables - named spaces in memory for storing data. Create all the variables you need, and then associate variables with switches, lamps, data displays, and other objects on the screen.
  • Alarm - The Alarm Summary can display information such as: alarm message, type of alarm, and date and time when the alarm was reported or restored.
  • Operation Logs - Maintaining a log of operations on the panel is useful in analyzing the root cause of problems, such as operations executed before an error is detected. User Management can be used to identify the person operating the system.
  • Data Logging and Trend Graph - Data logging collects and stores values in device addresses associated with variables
  • Recipes - Recipe enables overwriting of device address values. Change device address values by transferring the recipe created during development.
  • Security - The Security feature secures objects from unauthorized users. Log in with a valid user name and password to access secured objects.
  • Converter - Change the value of a variable from the defined unit, range, scale, and expression
  • Gestures - Touch gesture is an action that involves moving a finger in a particular manner on the screen to perform specific operations, associated with objects on the screen.

Vijeo Designer V6.2 SP11

Motion Sizer V4.2

Somove 2.8.2

ZelioSoft2 V5.3.

Wondeware System Platform 2014 R2


System minimum Requirements (for minimal performance):

Windows 7 (64-bit) , Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit)

CPU :  2.00 GHz

RAM : 8 GB (4GB for VMWARE and 4GB for your system)

HDD DISK :  150Gb free

System recommended requirements (for best performance):

Windows 7 (64-bit) , Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit)

CPU :  2.5 GHz QuadCore

RAM : 16 GB (10GB for VMWARE and 6GB for your system)

SSD DISK :  150Gb free


*Download size: 47Gb in compacted files, after 62,4gbs extracted.

*NOTE: VMWARE installer incluse

*NOTE: The virtual machine is configured to work on: 4GB RAM / 4 Processor Cores. It is possible to change the ideal settings according to your hardware, in the VMWARE menu.

*NOTE: All software is in its full version, with no usage limits.

*NOTE: Sending by registered email within 3 hours after payment

*NOTE: Includes product installation and activation tutorial.