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Schneider EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert V3.1

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EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert™ (formerly known as Vijeo XD) is a touchscreen configuration software with the latest UI design and gestures, enabling you to create and edit application screens for Magelis HMIs and iPCs.


Common Features
  • Variables - named spaces in memory for storing data. Create all the variables you need, and then associate variables with switches, lamps, data displays, and other objects on the screen.
  • Alarm - The Alarm Summary can display information such as: alarm message, type of alarm, and date and time when the alarm was reported or restored.
  • Operation Logs - Maintaining a log of operations on the panel is useful in analyzing the root cause of problems, such as operations executed before an error is detected. User Management can be used to identify the person operating the system.
  • Data Logging and Trend Graph - Data logging collects and stores values in device addresses associated with variables
  • Recipes - Recipe enables overwriting of device address values. Change device address values by transferring the recipe created during development.
  • Security - The Security feature secures objects from unauthorized users. Log in with a valid user name and password to access secured objects.
  • Converter - Change the value of a variable from the defined unit, range, scale, and expression
  • Gestures - Touch gesture is an action that involves moving a finger in a particular manner on the screen to perform specific operations, associated with objects on the screen.


EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert software helps designers and operators to maximize efficiency through modern functionalities and user-friendly features.
Operate intuitively

  • Multi-touch zoom in/zoom out, slide, pinch, and stretch options similar to smartphones for enhanced user experience
  • With special navigation features like scrolling panel and zoom in/zoom out panel, more information can be accessed and   viewed in a single page
  • Information-rich objects providing easy and direct access to device information and database
  • Improved efficiency for HMI operators with clear design such as Vector graphics, fonts, and new object properties

Faster design

  • Minimize design time with pre-defined navigation and easy to locate tab management
  • Fast customization and product differentiation can be achieved by using prepared Themes and Color-set
  • Scripting made easy for everyone, just drag and drop the target objects to canvas

Improved visualization  

  • High image quality and usability for modern look and feel

EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert provides integral visibility through the EcoStruxure architecture:

  • Data Dictionary support for automatic updates between Schneider Electric PLCs and the HMI database
  • No need to manually change the HMI project

Symbol sharing together with EcoStruxure Machine Expert (formerly SoMachine) and Unity PLCs:

  • Supported file formats: smbp / xml / xvm / xsy
  • Also supporting unallocated variables

EcoStruxure Secure Connect Advisor (formerly Vijeo Connect)

  • Secure access to the HMI over the internet for maintenance, control and monitoring

EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor (formerly Vijeo 360)

  • Available for Magelis iPC and Windows based HMIs  

System Minimum Requirements

Windows 7 (64-bit) , Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit)

CPU :  2.00 GHz

RAM : 4 GB

DISK :  12Gb free


*NOTE: All software is in its full version, with no usage limits.

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*NOTE: Includes product activation tutorial.