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Citect SCADA offers intuitive configuration tools and advanced engineering capabilities to help you consolidate and streamline control from an ever-increasing set of information. With robust visualization capabilities, you get a holistic view of operations, allowing not only the optimization of the present, but also a look to the future in the design and acceleration of your digital transformation journeys.

Agility, extensibility and simplicity of engineering

Discover how our reliable, flexible, high-performance data acquisition and supervisory control (SCADA) software has been helping industrial process customers around the world for over 35 years.

Simplify and accelerate digital transformation

With streamlined features and access to complementary hardware and software offerings, Citect SCADA delivers on the promise of a powerful intuitive real-time monitoring solution.

So customers can regain control of their operations and take advantage of the value of their process data, with the bandwidth to focus on accelerating their digital transformation journeys.

See more information about what's new in Citect SCADA

Learn more about the latest enhancements to Citect SCADA, including enhanced vision, integration, and mobility capabilities, and learn how we're helping operators leverage their process data, increase engineering efficiency, and simplify their digital transformations

Optimize production efficiency

  • A dedicated, ready-to-use situational awareness workspace that provides flexible, uniform and advanced context for operators, plus a new way to generate context-aware SCADA queries.
  • The equipment-based interface provides operators with a holistic, real-time situational context, helping to improve efficiency and facilitate timely corrective actions.
  • Perfectly integrated data of alarms, trends, interlocks and control in a single interface, on multiple monitors, without programming.
  • All of this helps minimize visual distractions for operators, enabling timely decision-making, helping to reduce risk and operational downtime.

Engineering cost reductions

  • A wide selection of configurable symbols that follow industry best practices for situational awareness/anomalous situation management.
  • The out-of-the-world symbol library greatly reduces the time of creating graphics, while providing the flexibility of customizing objects to meet unique needs.
  • Improvements to the graphics system and the new workspace concept substantially reduce the time of generating complex layouts.
  • Pinned windows, identified animations, and animated polyline vertices to help simplify the engineering experience.

Increased operator awareness

  • Integrated navigation zone in Workspace, providing a summary via instant visual alarm, with immediate attention in anomalous situations, presenting the highest priority alarm of an equipment.
  • Alarm indicators to quickly attract operators' attention and help locate the source of anomalies and associated severity.
  • The temporary alarm suspension feature allows you to mute alarms for a specific period or up to a set time, with the possibility to suspend again as needed.
  • Define up to 8 causes, responses, and consequences so that your alarms provide operators with the information they need to deal with abnormal situations.

Permanent engineering license included

System Minimum Requirements

Windows 7 (64-bit) , Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit)

CPU :  2.00 GHz

RAM : 8 GB

DISK :  12Gb free


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