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Control Station Loop Pro Tuner V1.9.5879

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PID Loop Tuning Technology

Finally – tune your facility’s most dynamic and challenging PID control loops for optimal performance.

Tuning software is supposed to simplify the process of improving the control of individual PID loops. And while that’s the expectation most tuning products can’t handle the noisy, oscillatory conditions that are commonplace in industrial applications. What’s even more absurd is that those products require users to hold their processes steady before the software can begin to function properly. The irony for most practitioners is that PID tuning software isn’t needed if a steady-state can be established – they can tune their loops manually.

LOOP-PRO is unlike any other PID tuning software. It’s the only software that accurately models the highly variable process conditions which practitioners refer to as the “real world”. LOOP-PRO handles long Dead-Time with ease. It functions equally well in open-loop as it does in closed-loop. LOOP-PRO has proven its value time and time again in all manner of complex industrial applications. Better yet, it’s simple to use. LOOP-PRO enables you to quickly and consistently tune PID controllers for optimal performance.

LOOP-PRO stands apart in terms of the data that can be used to successfully tune PID control loops. Like other tuning packages, LOOP-PRO needs data that contains information specific to the control loop being tuned, including the Process Variable, Controller Output as well as the corresponding Time Stamp. Relative to other tools, that’s where the similarities end. Unlike other tuning packages, LOOP-PRO can accurately model complex processes using data that is both noisy and oscillatory. That’s real-world data. That’s the LOOP-PRO difference.

The age of trial-and-error tuning has ended. It’s no longer necessary to adjust tuning coefficients time and time again in order to achieve optimal loop control. LOOP-PRO’s graphic tools and descriptive statistics eliminate the guess work. They provide the insights that you need to get tuning coefficients right the first time around.

LOOP-PRO enables users to graphically simulate the performance of new tuning parameters and to evaluate control improvements based on a core set of key performance indicators. Using the Internal Model Control (IMC) correlations, a controller can be easily adjusted for its unique control objective. With LOOP-PRO’s Closed-Loop Time Constant slider bar, a given controller can be customized for either a more aggressive or a more conservative response. KPIs such as Settling Time and Percent Overshoot assure that LOOP-PRO tunings deliver the appropriate control.

Each license of LOOP-PRO supports multiple concurrent instances and it easily supports the tuning of two or more cascaded loops.

System Minimum Requirements

Windows XP,  Windows 7 (32-64-bit) ,  Windows 10 (64-bit)

On Windows 7 and 10, Install using Windows XP compatibility mode.

CPU :  2.00 GHz

RAM : 4 GB

DISK :  8Gb free

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