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Fanuc Roboguide V9.4 Rev ZM

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Robot Simulation Software | FANUC ROBOGUIDE Simulation Software

ROBOGUIDE is the leading of offline programming robot simulation software on the market for FANUC robots. The ROBOGUIDE family of process-focused robot simulation software packages allows users to create, program and simulate a robotic workcell in 3D without the physical need and expense of a prototype workcell setup. With virtual robots and workcell models, ROBOGUIDE reduces risk by enabling visualization of single and multi-robot workcell layouts before actual installation

The Fanuc Roboguide bundle includes:


HandlingPRO is used for material handling applications including load/unload, packaging, assembly and material removal. Features of HandlingPRO include CAD to Path programming, conveyor line tracking, machine modeling and programming.


FANUC PaintPRO software is a graphical of offline programming solution that simplifies robotic path, teach and paint process development. The operator automatically generates robot programs by graphically selecting the area of the part to be painted and chooses between several painting methods.

FANUC ROBOGUIDE - PalletPRO and PalletTool

PalletPRO simulation software can be used to completely build, debug and test a palletizing application offline. PalletPRO allows users to create a workcell layout, infeed and pallet stations, slip sheet and pallet dispensers. Hundreds of unit load pallet configurations can be created and visualized in 3-D using PalletPRO’s built-in library of industry standard patterns. The data created in PalletPRO can be downloaded to a real robot controller containing PalletTool® software.


WeldPRO simulates robotic arc welding process. WeldPRO CAD to Path programming capability supports auto generation of multiple robot group coordinated motion programs with de ned torch angles and process parameters. Programs and settings from the virtual workcell can be transferred to the real robot to decrease installation time.

iRPickPRO: FANUC's latest plug-in for the ROBOGUIDE offline programming tool allows users to simulate high-speed pick-up and placement applications. The iRPickPRO can be transferred to a real robot controller with the iRPickPRO program.

OlpcPRO: Robot program development software that helps the development and maintenance of KAREL and Teach Pendant programming.

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System Minimum Requirements

Windows 7 (64-bit) , Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit)

CPU :  2.00 GHz

RAM : 8 GB

DISK :  10Gb free


*NOTE: All software is in its full version, with no usage limits.

*NOTE: Sending by registered email within 3 hours after payment

*NOTE: Includes product activation tutorial.